Time for a redesign

LAST FRIDAY, 16 March, Time magazine appeared with a new design by Luke Hayman of Pentagram. (Luke talked about his on-staff redesign of New York on this site in December, and I reviewed the new Time.com a little later.)

Next step for the Rocky

THE Rocky Mountain News has moved to a new, delightfully small size. It's really a magazine size, and they are taking advantage of the change to update the redesign I worked on with a team from Danilo Black four years ago. This time there was a much deeper involvement from the staff, including workshops based on the project in Houston earlier last year.

A tale of two Times

IN OCTOBER, two big U.S. papers made some changes.The Los Angeles Times, under siege from its out-of-town owners, unveiled a redesigned front page and typography in the “A” section that at last matches the feature sections.

The last blog

OF COURSE, it’s probably not the last blog, even for me. Wishful thinking. I am just getting started on one so late that perhaps no one can stand to read another, or to comment on it. But here we are. Late to the table is better than no meal at all. The point is to provoke a conversation about media design, and I hope you will dive in.

The intern made me do it

OKAY, okay, okay, it’s red, white and black. I’ve taken a lot of heat since I suggested that the classic print color combination could work well on the web. No one followed this advice, and so most web sites are white, gray or blue. Or a combination.

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THIS week, two new free papers sprung up in London.

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