A conversation about survival

Amid Capeci, the AME/Design of Newsweek and Arthur Hochstein, the design director of Time, are midtown rivals. I've worked with both designers. Amid was at Esquire when I got there in the early 90s, and I persuaded him to move to Newsweek during one of the four redesigns I've been involved with. He left for a while to go to Rolling Stone, so we have a lot in common!

Interview with Roger Black

FAZ CABER: OUR bosses and news chiefs are not interested in design. Can the editor request to change the layout and place the amount of text that he wants, or is the form more important?

Interview: Opening shots in
the Second Font War

A SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT from Berlow: An on-screen font solution that may save our eyes from being ruined by reading too many web sites.

A conversation with
Luke Hayman

OVER THE PAST couple of years I’ve become increasingly aware of the work of Luke Hayman, until recently the design director of New York magazine. (Isn’t it refreshing that the title was not “creative director”?) The magazine, with editor Adam Moss, has again become New York’s essential survival guide, and the visual side got better and better.

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