Remember the “print edition?”

HERE IS A simple question: Why don’t newspaper Web sites promote their printed newspapers more? When they first built Web sites, papers crowed about them. They were proud to have gone online, and they wanted everyone to know. There were lots of teasers in the paper about all the stuff you can get on the web. Stories point to more resources. Readers are urged to vote in polls, give feedback to the columnists, and buy cars.

Fuzzy thinking and sharp type

FOR MANY YEARS now I've been aware that people designing for the web are interested in type being "sharper" on the screen. Customers have contacted our shop saying that logos, buttons, and whole fonts needed "sharpening". I think, they think, there is some magic hole that one can put a typographic image into, turn a handle, blow off the dust, and the fuzziness will be gone.

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