Flower Power

IN MIAMI, at the We Media conference, the aging curmudgeon in me wanted out. The conference was about “community” and citizen journalism, which is like peace and love nowadays, and as in the sixties, the dialogue polarized.

No deposit, no return

AMERICA IS FILLING up with shipping containers, as anyone who has gone by the Port of Elizabeth on the New Jersey Turnpike can tell you. The Chinese evidently don't want them back; it’s cheaper for them to make new ones. And so Americans are trying to figure out how to recycle them, including turning them into houses, as everyone from Metropolis magazine to Bob Vila have pointed out.

Screen Fonts: An Abbr. Hist.

THE TEXT ON this site has caused a certain amount of heat, and I wanted to get my partner at the Font Bureau, David Berlow’s thoughts on the direction of screen fonts. We’ve been hearing about ClearType, and CoolType and other things, but the type on the web sites seems largely to have stayed the same thing, with the only thing improving is the displays. I should not have been surprised that David was not only thinking, but working on this problem, and with this entry, he brings us up to date.

Interview: Opening shots in
the Second Font War

A SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT from Berlow: An on-screen font solution that may save our eyes from being ruined by reading too many web sites.

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