Clearing brush

SOME people like to be seen clearing brush. At least the President does, probably because Ronald Reagan did, but Reagan’s reason was not clear.

Vertical storytelling

THIS presentation started as a 10-year design review for Magazine World.

Enter Brunehilde, stage right

AS I WAS finishing an entry about the new L.A. Times front page, the fat lady in Chicago stepped onto the stage and began, as predicted, to sing. That is to say, the Tribune, through its new publisher in Los Angeles, fired Dean Baquet, the editor of the Los Angeles Times, even as the empire continued to fall into pieces.

A tale of two Times

IN OCTOBER, two big U.S. papers made some changes.The Los Angeles Times, under siege from its out-of-town owners, unveiled a redesigned front page and typography in the “A” section that at last matches the feature sections.

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