Ad it up!

WHEN I started in newspaper business, one of the first things I learned was that advertising and editorial content don't mix. The basic logic was this: We sell ads, news cannot be bought, so we make a clear (and boring) distinction between the two things. For me it has always been disingenuous. Somewhere along the way the practice became a convention: placing ads in stacked blocks and separating them from editorial content with a 5-point rule would make it crystal clear to the reader what's being sold and what is not. We can argue about the pros and cons of this convention. But that's not my point today.

Stop the press, they’re putting ads on the page!

A WHILE back The New York Times, announcing that it was going to put ads on the front of the Business section,* mentioned, with a shudder, that the Wall Street Journal was actually going to put ads on their Page One.

“Give it to the monkeys in the back!”

EVERYONE should have somebody like Adie Marks as their first boss.

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